Going Green

Eco Friendly removal company in Maidstone Kent

Going Green

This is why we chose DAF EEV for our latest addition to our removal vehicles.

What is EEV?

EEV (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicles) is the most severe exhaust emission standard for internal combustion engines issued to date.  The EEV standard mandates extreme low emissions of ‘particulate matter’, which form a serious threat to the health and quality of life of people.

What is the benefit from an EEV vehicle?

Low emission zones are progressively being introduced in cities all over Europe.  Toll collection on motorways, like the German Maut, is another way to deter polluting vehicles from driving in certain areas. EEV vehicles are eligible to the maximum reductions on toll and charges for entering a low emission zone.

What is particulate matter (PM)?

Particulate matter or particle pollution is the generic term for a mixture of extremely small solid and liquid particles suspended in the air.  These particulates can occur naturally (soil dust, pollens, moulds, sea spray, etc.), or originate from human activities (road dust, soot, smoke, fly ashes, etc.).

How does PM affect human health?

Exposure to ambient particulate matter concentrations may affect the lungs of children and adults, especially in case of pre-existing heart and lung diseases (asthma). Particles smaller than 10 micrometers can get deep into the lungs and cause serious health problems. When particulate matter is combined with other air pollutants, the overall effect may well exceed the cumulated individual effects.